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Whiplash: From Accident To Recovery

The term whiplash covers a range of neck injuries which are caused by or related to a sudden twist or jerk of the neck. Soft tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons of the neck can be affected by this injury.
Whiplash occurs most commonly in car crashes, usually when the car has been hit from behind. Pain and stiffness is felt in the neck, back and shoulders with occasional pins and needles and headaches. However, whiplash can also be caused by a trip, fall, sports injury and even attacks and assaults.
If you are involved in a road accident and think you have sustained a whiplash injury, the first thing you should do is call the police. After collecting all the details you need from the other party and any witnesses, go to your GP or the Accident and Emergency unit depending on the severity of your injury. Most people will not notice symptoms of whiplash immediately. It generally takes a day or two for the symptoms to show and they will get worse over a few days before they begin to get better. Using an ice pack can bring any swelling down and painkillers provided by your GP will help with any pain you may be feeling. Usually GP’s will recommend you rest your neck and gradually start introducing some exercises to help the recovery process.
After receiving treatment, phone an injury claims company who will put you in touch with an experienced whiplash injury lawyer. It is important to make a claim if you have sustained a whiplash injury as it is not only painful and uncomfortable but some individuals can suffer from the affects for months and even years. The injury is the most common caused by a motor traffic accident and if that accident was not your fault you should make a personal injury compensation claim. The details you collected from the scene of the accident will then be given to your injury lawyer to prove the accident was not your fault. If you are planning to claim your expenses for your injury such as prescription costs then you should keep your receipts as proof.
Remember there are strict time limits in place for making a claim so make sure you get in contact with an injury lawyer as soon as you suspect you have suffered a whiplash injury which was caused by an accident that was not your fault. If you are successful in your claim then you will receive a sum of money to help with your recovery and compensate you for your pains and the inconvenience the accident and injury caused you.
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