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Why Fountain Pen Ink Does Not Have To Be A Boring Gift Idea

There is little doubt that discerning writers have a love for every aspect of the writing ceremony. From the selection of the paper, to the choosing of the pen, there is a sense of occasion that comes with sitting at a well equipped writing desk and putting pen to paper. Usually, the fountain pen is used to write with, and when this is the case, the fountain pen ink used is equally highly considered by the writer.
When it comes to presenting such ink as a gift, quality is always going to be important. While there is a practicality associated with ink, there is no less a desire to make it special. This is not hard to accomplish so long as a little imagination is applied. Think for a moment of the common globe, and how a drinks globe, which hides fine port and brandy, alters how it is perceived at all. By using a simple wax seal kit, for example, an ordinary ink bottle can be transformed.
Ink is not a particularly expensive item itself, with ample amounts available on the market in a wide range of pigments. Black ink is, of course, the most popular but several shades of red and of blue are also common place. These are certainly capable of producing finely written letters and correspondence, but there they are often functional in appearance as much as in practice.
For some discerning writers, there is a greater sense of gift when the ink itself is something special, such as a special edition or a rare shade, or a brand that is amongst the highest in reputation. In fact, the rarer or more unusual the ink can be, the better.
A perfect example is J Herbin ink, a brand name that has been synonymous with quality ink for 340 years and a favourite amongst fountain pen users around the world. Its special edition ink was released in a glass bottle that featured a wax seals on the cap and on the front of the bottle, to enhance the value of the piece.
Of no less importance is easy access to the ink itself, with many fountain pen users preferring to hide away the common ink bottle, rather than display it. However, that issue can be easily addressed by using stylishly designed ink wells to hold the ink on a writing desk. These wells can be classical or contemporary in design, depending on the preferences of the owner, of course, but there can be a certain amount of liberty taken.
For example, a well can be disguised as something else, with one of the more fancy options being a small bust, with the head tilting back to allow access to the ink. The bust can reflect the particular interest of the user, such as some historical figure for the amateur historian, or a phrenological bust, mapping the measurements of segments of the skull, for the medical or scientific user.
The bust can be made of any number of types of material, but the finer examples are made from porcelain This is not a modern idea, by any stretch of the imagination, with the Victorians liking to have some discreet fun with these items.
In earlier days, the handmade ink pewter was of particular popularity, with the finest examples made by the finest silversmiths and artisans in metal creating impressively artistic metal work for the lids and trays of the pewter, with intricate European designs.
Today, that same quality of work is available, with Kalamos a famed brand. The metal pewter trays can be distressed to round off the authentic look when on a writing desk, while the intricate designs are true to the old world models.
There are many ways to enhance the impact of practical items, with the drinks globe a stereotyped example. By enhancing them, it makes what is necessary something special, and a simple gift a particularly memorable gift.
While fountain pen ink may seem blandly ordinary, there are options to make it something more, even if it is necessary to purchase a wax seal kit and enhance the ink bottle yourself. Of course, that may even add more value to gift in the eyes of the receiver, especially if it is a loved one who went to the effort.
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