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Will an Acne Topical Treatment Get Rid of My Pimples Fast?

It's not difficult to find an acne topical treatment designed to get rid of pimples fast. You can walk into any store that has a pharmaceutical department and find acne fighting creams and lotions that are easily rubbed into the skin. The question is whether all of these products really kill pimples and how long you can expect it to take.
Acne Severity
The first consideration when using any acne topical treatment is the severity of your acne condition. Most over the counter acne treatments are the most effective with mild acne conditions such as occasional outbreaks that come as a result of hormonal shifts during pregnancy or during a woman's menstrual cycle. Mild acne conditions are typically those which do not cause inflammation in the skin.
An acne topical treatment may also be effective for a moderate acne condition that comes more frequently with limited amounts of inflammation involved. While a moderate case of acne may not completely be eliminated right away with a topical cream or lotion, great improvements can be seen with consistent use.
For a severe case of acne or for types of acne which include serious inflammation (like nodular acne), acne topical treatment is less likely to work unless you get a prescription strength product from a doctor. This is because a lot of inflammation is involved with this type of acne and the root cause of the condition is often more severe than just hormonal fluctuations or blocked pores.
Speed of Results
So, if you have a mild or even moderate case of acne that does not seem to be inflamed, how quickly should you expect to see improvements when you use acne topical treatment? If you start using a topical product with the expectation of seeing your pimples vanish overnight you are setting yourself up for disappointment. It does take some consistent use to get rid of blemishes using an acne topical treatment.
Which product you select and how well you follow the included directions is going to determine how quickly your blemishes start to disappear. If you are not consistent day after day or do not apply the product as frequently as recommended, then you can expect it to take a bit longer to clear up your skin. When you purchase acne topical treatment products which have a higher concentration of beneficial ingredients and follow directions perfectly, you can often expect to see changes in your skin within a few days.
That said, it may take a bit longer to completely clear away blemishes. You should start to see some improvements in the overall appearance of the acne within a day or two, with completely clearance of blemishes over the course of a week. Read the labels for different products as some may combine specific ingredients in order to produce faster results.
One Final Note
It is important to remember that the severity of your outbreak and the root causes of your acne condition could slow down the work of even the best acne topical treatment. If you find that no topical treatment is effective at getting rid of your pimples in a timely manner then you may have some inflammation or may be suffering from a type of acne that is net responsive to this type of over the counter acne treatment. You may need to see a dermatologist to discuss other options in this case.
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