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Wireless Surveillance Camera Subtracting Installation Time

Many companies use what is called Siamese camera cables to connect their security cameras into their system, which has the coaxial cable and the power wire together in one length of cable. However, as camera installation becomes more complex and the need for portability of cameras increases, the use of a wireless surveillance camera is steadily increasing. All cameras require power to operate, but it is easier to find a power source close to the installation point than it is to run a coaxial cable between the camera and the monitor or recorder.
There are pros and cons to using a wireless surveillance camera, but for most people being able to install them by plugging them into a power supply and insuring the frequency is matched to their receiver outweighs the potential for problems. Battery operated cameras are also popular among those that work in the covert video field, but for hard installation of a battery-powered wireless surveillance camera, the need to change batteries frequently is not appreciated.
One big advantage of a wireless surveillance camera is the ability to set it up and monitor the image from several hundred feet away for short investigations. A private investigator, for example, may use a wireless surveillance camera with the images recorded on their laptop computer in their vehicle down the street to provide all the evidence they need to prove the case on which they are working.Fast Installation Aids Getting Investigation Started
When a business or homeowner perceives a need for video surveillance, they want that surveillance to begin as quickly as possible and, in many cases with the fewest number of people being aware that a camera is being installed. The receiver for a wireless surveillance camera can be set up in the owner's office with the camera easily installed and transmitting quality images in only a few minutes.
There are also times during an investigation that the camera will need to be moved. If they are wired into the system, this will involve wither moving the wires or installing a new one, which can be time-consuming. By using a wireless surveillance camera it can be moved to different locations, as needed, without anyone else being any wiser to its existence.
Many of the wireless surveillance cameras available will transmit on different frequencies making it possible to have more than one wireless surveillance camera connected into the same system. Without verifying the availability of different frequencies as well as the receiver's ability to decipher them, the system will not function properly, often causing images to overlap into unrecognizable pictures.
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