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XOWii Training: The Keys To The Profitability Puzzle

A huge mistake that witness every day in XOWii businesses across the country is that XOWii leaders aren't properly training their teams to build a big business. There is only one way to create massive kick butt results in this company or any other one out there is to create a system that will take a brand new person to the point where they are producing dramatic and lasting results.
This is quite unfortunate since most folks who are coming into the business have no experience in network marketing. They think that just because they took the first step to create XOWii success that now it will be smooth sailing from here on out. These folks are under the wrong assumption that they can get started and recruit boatloads of reps the first month out and then start earning "Big Bill" residual money with little to no effort on their part.
Another really big problem that I see are those reps who recruit 3-5 representatives then smother those same reps with time and resources to the point where that representative has been turned off on the business.
The "A-Ha Moment" that I want you to take away from this message is that when you're training your new XOWii team members there has to be a solid mix of personal production and team development or you can forget about sipping margaritas on the beach of Costa Rica.
It's important to keep keep in mind that you lead by example, not by what you say. If your team doesn't see you producing results on a personal basis and that you're in management mode rather than building mode, guess what they are going to do? That's right, no team production, no team growth, no team.....
Because the XOWii opportunity is based on a binary compensation model this means that all of your efforts will be focused on developing two separate teams. While there is an advantage in only having to focus in on two teams don't be fooled into thinking you will only have to recruit two people! Just like in any other MLM opportunity every top leader has to quite literally recruit dozens of new distributors on a personal basis until they have the nucleus of a strong team.
Here are 3 tips to help you rock out the results and stay focused on doing the activities that will create success:
1. 80% of your time should be spent recruiting new team members. Remember, the game "Follow the Leader"? In this instance YOU ARE THE LEADER and your team will do exactly what you do. If your taking daily focused action to build your business then so will your team. You have to make sure that your goals include being the highest producing agent on the team.
2. 19% of your focus should be on developing new distributors and getting them off to a quick profitable start. Don't be so busy with personal production that you aren't giving your reps enough mentorship on the details of the business. If this happens then you will soon find yourself losing reps as fast as you can recruit them. Since the goal of your XOWii business is to produce results you should focus your attention on delivering proven training.
3. The details should only take up 1% of your focus. Be a big picture thinker and make sure to outsource the rest to qualified individuals. This is a power strategy used by all Network Marketing leaders and if you plan on becoming one you're going to have to adopt it too. This will allow you to focus in on high dollar activities while leveraging other people's efforts to build the team.
Do the math here folks: 99% of your personal time should be spent on high dollar (recruiting, marketing, training) activities that are going to grow your bottom line profitability. This is and should be your major focus within your network marketing career with XOWii and there is no greater training that you can give your team then by leading the way in both recruiting and productivity.
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