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Your Spouse's Social Security Benefits

Are you worried that your spouse, who had not been under Social Security, may not have much financial security when the time comes that they reach the retirement age?
Well, to allay your worries, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), even if your spouse did not work under the Social Security, he or she may still collect benefits, at the earliest opportunity once he or she reached 62 years old.
However, if your spouse availed of his / her benefits early, a permanent reduction to the amount he/she may receive would be done. The reduction will be based on the percentage of the number of months until his or her full retirement age.
Here are the other benefits that your spouse may receive:
- At the age of 65, qualify for Medicare on account to your record.
- If he or she receives spouse benefits upon reaching full retirement age, he or she can receive an amount that is equal to half of your full retirement's amount. However, any delayed retirement credits that you may receive would not be included in your spouse's benefits.
- Without regard to his or her age, your spouse may already receive the full half of your benefit amount if he or she is caring for your child who is also receiving benefits under the Social Security.
- Your spouse would continuously receive these benefits until such time when your child reaches 16 years old. The child continues to receive benefits but your spouse's benefits will have to stop, unless he or she has reached the proper age (62 years or older) to start receiving retirement benefits or survivor benefits, if he or she has already become a widow/widower at 60 years old.
Some terms and conditions in Social Security spouse benefits:
- If a pension is being received by your spouse for work that are not covered by the Social Security, like employment abroad or in government, the total amount of Social Security benefits that he or she may receive on your record may be reduced.
- Meanwhile, the Social Security will pay the amount of retirement benefits to your spouse if found that he or she is eligible to receive such on his or her own employment record. However:
o He or she would receive a combination of benefits that is equal to the benefit on your record, if it is a higher amount, though reduced depending on his or her age.
o Even if your spouse starts receiving benefits earlier or later than you do, the Social Security will check both your records and make sure that, he or she receives or will receive a higher amount.
o Once your spouse reached the full retirement age and is, eligible both for his or her own retirement benefit and spouse's benefits, he or she will be given a choice. Either to receive both benefits already or to receive only the spouse's benefits first, then delay getting the retirement benefits until a given, later date. If he or she chose to delay receiving the retirement benefits, the amount may become higher during the later date, because of the delayed retirement credit effects.
Applying online for Spouse benefits
- You spouse can apply online for benefits depending on his or her age.
- If both of you apply online for retirement benefits, at the same time, and if your spouse applies online, right after you started receiving such benefits, the SSA checks out if he or she is eligible for benefits as your spouse. If he or she turns out to be qualified, the online application automatically attaches on your record a request for spousal benefits.
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